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Are you a Farmer that needs to be connected to buyers to buy your fresh food products within the shortest amount of time without stress and limiting your losses of your unsold harvests?
Are you a healthy eater wanting local fresh food access without stress? 
Welcome to AGROLYNKS
Agrolynks is an App and website  designed to help small farmers connect to their customers quickly and without stress. Agrolynks is the first of its kind App and website developed to serve the small farmers connect with their consumers who are seeking to locate fresh food sellers on a daily basis. We connect and promote farming by linking farmers and buyers of their food products together stress. We are also dedicated to providing free continuous education to our farmers via our structure. 
Agrolynks educates, encourages, facilitates and offers services in rural communities for beneficial exchanges and linkages.  We also provide FREE agro Education in developing countries and in small farmers communities through our blog which is  a great resource with authentic content valuable to our global membership. We also train our LEADERS to provide free seminars nationally and internationally.  
We have our team of leaders who are primarily Agriculturists who manage small groups of Educational Assistants to do the grassroots work of educating and connecting our farmers to their consumers via technology and free assistance and education
Connect farmers to their potential buyers for a small fee
Provision of free farm education in all aspects of the industry to our members
Help farmers understand new mechanization processes,  facilities and services necessary for modernizing farming operations without jeopardizing the quality of their crop.
We promote and stimulate youth learning and group action through various community projects and facilitate leadership development.
We sponsor agriculture based learning projects, seminars and classes for our staff and members. Our off-line structure: Agrolynks deploys LEADERS in all developing countries and communities we serve in order to educate and facilitate B2C exchanges.
At agrolinks.com, YOU List We Link! SUCCESS is for everyone!

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